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3 min readJul 8, 2023


Syntrum Founders DAO Token (SYTDAO) is designed to onboard early backers who we refer to as founding members. It is structured such that these backers earn rewards and maximize ROI while they participate in governance.

✔︎ Simple tokenomics, NO team allocation, just sales allocation (DAO members), DEX liquidity and Governance (Staking) rewards.

✔︎ Listing on DEX immediately after sale and liquidity locked.

Introducing Syntrum Founders DAO, a decentralized Autonomous Organization composed of individuals/entities that govern Syntrum. After the decision to onboard founding members on April 24, 2024 (announcement can be found here), the team received numerous suggestions on how to ensure decentralized autonomy. Some proposed the creation of an NFT with voting rights. While everyone interested in participating desired some form of asset creation, the majority preferred tradable assets on DEXs/CEXs.

This led to the creation of Syntrum Founders DAO, a fungible token that grants holders voting and governance rights within the Syntrum ecosystem.

It is designed to incentivize early supporters and ensure that they maximize their ROI. This is why:

✔︎ The tokenomics is simple, no team’s allocation. Just sales allocation, Liquidity and staking rewards allocation.

✔︎ Same price for all, no one get a discount not even the core team, the core team actually gets nothing.

✔︎Liquidity is locked up in DEX.

Benefits of holding SYTDAO

  1. Stakers incentivized on a dynamic staking pool (DAO Partcipation not compulsory).
  2. Holders are part of the DAO mechanism, they participate in governance and vote on proposals.
  3. DAO members get rewards in stable coins for participating in governance (DAO) and dApp protocol mechanism.
  4. Participants in SYTDAO sale (founding members) get membership certificate NFT and a custom Syntrum City (SynCity) NFT (> $200 in value).
  5. Founding members get a percentage of SYT team’s allocation.
  6. DAO members get up to 40% referal bonus. This means that when a DAO member introduces a project that integrates Syntrums tech, the member gets up to 40% bonus as oppose to the up to 15% for nonmembers.
  7. SYTDAO holders get access to founders lounge, a hub where members who have project ideas are supported with resources.

These are the main benefits of SYTDAO members/holders. It should be noted that some of the benefits are for founding members (those who participated in the sale). Those who by after listing on DEX don’t qualify for some of the benefits but they do for majority.

For more information on SYTDAO, click here.

How to get SYTDAO (SALE/DEX)

Sale on Pinksale: To qualify for all the benefits, it is recommended to get SYTDAO at the sale on Pinksale, you will be able to participate on both BNB Chain and Ethereum.

SYTDAO (ERC20) Pinksale: Click Here

SYTDAO (BEP20) Pinksale: Click Here

Sale starts on: July 12, 12pm UTC

Sale ends on: July 15, 12pm UTC

Listing: Immediately after sale

DEX Listing: You will also be able to get SYTDAO on both Uniswap (ERC20) and Pancakeswap (BEP20) right after the sale is over.

The links to the liquidity pairs on both DEXs will be provided after listing which is immediately after the sale.

For more information on this and other exciting development within Syntrum, visit our website and follow/join our social media accounts. All official links can be found at:



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