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3 min readJun 30, 2023


We are delighted to announce that the Syntrum Token (SYT) presale will be going live on July 3, 2023. Before we delve into the specifics of the presale, let’s provide an overview of what Syntrum is, the role SYT plays, and its utility.

So, what is Syntrum? In simple terms, Syntrum is an all-in-one ecosystem that offers users, builders/creators, and projects seamless access to dApps, web3 tools, and blockchain infrastructures. It serves as a borderless platform where users can conveniently access a wide range of both in-house and third-party web3 products.

At Syntrum, our ultimate goal is to create a dynamic ecosystem that drives the widespread adoption of blockchain-based technologies and products. We aim to achieve this by equipping users of all kinds with the necessary web3 tools and blockchain technologies, fostering an incentive-driven environment that empowers them to expand their capabilities, actively engage, and collaborate with one another.

Syntrum token and its Utilities

The Syntrum token (SYT) is the native token of Syntrum and its ecosystem. It has a wide range of utilities, including:

Blockchain gas fees: SYT tokens serve as a means of payment for transactions within the Syntrum network. They incentivize network nodes to validate blocks on the Syntrum network, thereby preserving network decentralization and security.

Access to protocol, dApp features, and membership: Holders and stakers of SYT unlock more features on the Syntrum ecosystem. They gain free access to our permissionless protocols, access to the Syntrum metaverse (SynCity), participate-to-earn feature, and more. Generally, stakers gain access to different levels of advanced features depending on their membership tier.

Voting and governance: SYT stakers automatically become members of the Syntrum DAO and can participate in governance and decision-making processes within the Syntrum ecosystem, giving them a say in the direction and development of the network.

Metaverse transactions/purchases: SYT serves as the primary means for buying metaverse and in-game items. It is also used for transactions on Syntrum’s peer-to-peer NFT marketplace and game hub.

Presale Details:

The Syntrum token (SYT) presale begins on July 3 and lasts until September 4, 2023. The presale consists of four rounds, each with a different price and duration, as follows:

Full tokenomics and distribution schedule sheet can be found here

Where to Participate

Presale takes place on Syntrum official website:

A tutorial on how to participate and other info can be found here

The presale marks an important milestone for Syntrum and represents the beginning of an era where Syntrum will reach a larger audience in the crypto community, including supporters, investors, and adopters of the ecosystem.

If you have any questions, particularly regarding the presale or investment partnerships, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at



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