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3 min readApr 24, 2023

Over the past decade, we have witnessed a continuous growth in the blockchain industry, with more people and businesses increasingly adopting blockchain technologies and crypto solutions. Despite this growth, the industry still has enormous potential, as its adoption is currently estimated to be around 10% of the world’s population, if not less. Compared to other established parallel technology sectors, the adoption rate in this space can be considered relatively low, and does not match the level of interest that has been observed. Only a small fraction of those interested in blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency solutions are actively using them.

There are several reasons for this low adoption rate, including the fact that the space is still undergoing rapid development, and there are significant technical, regulatory, and security challenges that are yet to be addressed. In addition, there is a significant knowledge gap around blockchain technology and cryptocurrency solutions. This is primarily because many of the technologies and solutions developed are not intuitive or user-friendly, even for those who are tech-savvy.

The team at Syntrum recognizes these barriers, and we are focused on addressing them by developing scalable blockchain infrastructure and user-centered white-label dApp solutions for DeFi, GameFi, and NFTs. Our target users are the larger spectrum of internet users who have stayed away from these technologies due to the said barriers.

While the vision is noble, we recognize that building a successful blockchain project is no easy feat and it takes more than developing an innovative product and/or technology. Among other things, It requires a well-structured management system, adequate operational resources, the community at large, and most importantly, an experienced and passionate team especially at the executive level.

For these reasons, Syntrum is looking to onboard a number of interested parties as founding members. These founding members will be part of the executive board and they will oversee all the top-level decisions, especially in the early stages before our DAO mechanism is incorporated.

Benefits of being a founding member

Here are some of the benefits that a founding member would enjoy:

  1. Equity Stake in the IP company and official member of the board.
  2. Allocation from team’s token allocation.
  3. Member of DAO, and Executive member NFT.
  4. Early Access to features developed
  5. Voting rights and part of decision making
  6. Many more benefits as will be discussed during onboarding.

How to become a founding member

If you’re interested in becoming a founding member or collaborating with Syntrum as an individual or business, please reach out to the team at

After indicating your interest via email, please schedule a Google meeting with us using the following link to learn more about this collaboration opportunity:

Becoming a founding member of Syntrum is an exciting opportunity, you become part of an ambitious blockchain project with the potential to disrupt multiple areas of the industry. As a founding member, you’ll enjoy several benefits, including but not limited to those listed in this article. We look forward to discussing the details of these collaboration opportunities with interested parties.

Please note that while this is an open invitation, Syntrum is only interested in onboarding a limited number of founding members. Therefore, we urge interested individuals to submit their interest via email and schedule a call as soon as possible.

This limitation does not apply to those who are interested in collaborating but not becoming a founding member.

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